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  • Subsidiary
    Yantai Valiant Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Valiant Pharmaceutical was established in 2012 with a register capital of CNY 75 million and total investment of 200 million. It mainly engages in R&D, production and sales of APIs, oral solid preparation and health food.Valiant Pharma. covers an…  [more]
    Yantai Gem Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Gem Chemicals was established in 2005 in the national developing zone - Dajijia industrial park, YEDA and with registered capital CNY 170 million. It covers an area of 32000㎡ with convenient transportation and good infrastructure. Gem chemicals main…  [more]
    Yantai Haichuan Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Haichuan Chemicals mainly engage in R&D, production and sales of liquid crystal materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, PI intermediate materials, electrolyte additives of lithium battery, and high refractive resin intermediate materials.Haichua…  [more]
    MP Biomedicals, LLC
    MP Biomedicals is a world-wide cooperation dedicated in the field of life science and in vitro diagnosis (IVD). The HQ is located in Irvine, California, USA and it owns 14 wholly-owned subsidiaries in USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. A vast network…  [more]
    Yantai Vanhydro Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Vanhydro was founded in 2002 with registered capital of CNY 32 million, and has 156 employees in total. It mainly engages in hydrogenation of liquid crystal intermediates and other fine chemicals. The max pressure and temperature for the reaction is …  [more]
    Jiangsu Sunera Technology Co., Ltd.
    Sunera is dedicated to R&D, manufacture and sales of OLED display materials and flexible electronic functional materials.Sunera was established in January 2013 with a registered capital of CNY 46.87 million. There are currently 60 employees inclu…  [more]
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