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  • Business sectors

    Information Materials、Environmental Materials、Health Care.

    Information Materials.

    The main products include liquid crystal singles and intermediates, OLED singles and intermediates, PI materials, PR monomer, lithium battery additives and other electronic

    Environmental Materials.

    The main products include automobile exhaust purification materials, flue gas denitrification catalyst, VOCs adsorption catalysts, methanol to olefin catalysts, petroleum cracking catalysts, new energy materials, energy-saving lighting materials, organic solar technology, other supporting materials for new energy vehicles, etc.

    Health Care.

    The main products include API, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical formulations, Chinese medicine, nutrition and health food. Life science products include (related to drug innovation, genomics, proteomics, metabonomics, food health analysis, etc.). Diagnostic reagent products include (for diagnosis of AIDS, hepatitis, cancer, dengue, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and for the detection of drug abuse, endocrine levels and other human conditions).

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